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Black Leather Braid Bracelet
Black Leather Braid Bracelet

Black Leather Braid Bracelet

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NOTCH® Leather Braid Bracelets are designed and made in the UK using quality leather braid leather and feature our unique stainless-steel clasp, connected by a super-strong neodymium magnet.

Our Black Leather Braid bracelet is cool, stylish and available in four sizes. You'll be able to fit at least 20 Notches onto any NOTCH® Bracelet.

Individual Notches and rubber spacers fit perfectly over the clasp, so as your collection grows, all your Notches sit snugly on your bracelet. 

Wrist Size (mm) Recommended

Typically Suits
(Guide only)

130-145 Extra Small Younger children ten years and under
145-160 Small Teenage children and adults with slimmer wrists


Adults and young males
175+ Large

Adults with larger wrists


Use a tape measure to check your Wrist Size (mm)