Celebrate the spooky season, and things that go bump in the night!

The Sober Since dd/mm/yyyy Notch
The Sober Since dd/mm/yyyy Notch
The Sober Since dd/mm/yyyy Notch
The Sober Since dd/mm/yyyy Notch
The Sober Since dd/mm/yyyy Notch

The Sober Since dd/mm/yyyy Notch

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Stay motivated and confident in sobriety...and wear your achievement with pride!

We started NOTCH® because we think every milestone is something to shout about...not left in the sideboard drawer!

Choose a specially engraved Notch in a colour of your choice and use it to celebrate the date your Sobriety started.

More About Your Engraving

The NOTCH® name and logo are engraved on one of the outer edges and the rim is engraved with the inscription Sober Since, followed by the date you type into the free form box. For example, Sober Since 15/03/2018.

Alternatively, if you'd like to choose your own wording for the rim, or personalise your Notch in any other way, see Personalised Engraving.

More About Your Notch

Notches are made from brass, anodised aluminium or stainless steel and are hand polished. They have a 10.75 mm diameter and a 5.0 mm wide rim and are designed to fit perfectly onto one of our stylish NOTCH® Bracelets.

We use laser guided engraving for a clean, long-lasting result so your achievements are never forgotten.

Every Notch comes with two rubber spacers so as your collection grows, all your Notches sit snugly on your bracelet. 

More About Your Bracelet

NOTCH® Bracelets are made in the UK using durable sports cord or quality leather braid and feature our unique stainless-steel clasp, connected by two super-strong neodymium magnets to give a safe, yet firm, audible lock.

They're stylish, colourful and available in four sizes and eight funky styles. You'll be able to fit at least 20 Notches onto any NOTCH® Bracelet.

More About Notch & Bracelet Starter Packs

All Sober Since Notches are available as Notch & Bracelet Starter Packs comprising the Notch and a choice of bracelet with a combined saving of £4.50. You'll be asked during checkout if you wish to receive your Starter Pack in a presentation tin or velvet pouch.

The Sober Since Notch & Bracelet Starter Pack

We're always looking to expand our Sobriety Notch range, so if there's an engraving that would help yourself or others, please let us know.